It was resilience, optimism and innovation that pushed Digi-Serve Solutions, Inc. over the edge, from one of the best to being the best. As this year’s Hall of Fame awardee for Electronics, the company takes pride in their journey from being a single marketplace on Lazada to having multiple LazMall stores featuring an impressive product roster. From humbly selling printers and printer ink, Digi-serv Solutions now holds more than 15 subcategories of goods in their store.

Digi-Serv Solutions, Inc. also known as DSSi embodies the qualities that lead towards receiving highest award given to brands and sellers on Lazada. What started as a solution and services company focused on Information Technology hardware, systems and infrastructure is now a powerful and dominant force in e-commerce. DSSi’s commitment to excellence and continuous growth had the store receiving awards in 2018 as the top brand in Electronics and back-to-back wins in the Electronics Accessories segment in 2019-2020. Aside from being a Hall of Fame awardee, Digi-serv also leads in Accessories, Mobile and Tablets, and Home Appliances.

With their careful promo planning, excellent customer service and a growing product assortment, DSSi’s journey is far from done. Digi-serv Solutions, Inc. always sees opportunities for growth. It is this mindset and their mission to bring best-selling items at competitive prices that will push DSSi even higher and closer to their next success goal.

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for General Merchandise Category

Only when a company shows grit, determination and adaptability does it make a great impact in the industry. Those are the qualities that make up a Lazada Hall of Fame awardee.

Through persistent marketing efforts, staying active, and a high level of engagement, Buildmate rose above the competition and firmly positioned itself as a top brand. With its 97% seller rating, and consistency in adapting new tools, Buildmate continues to not only thrive, but grow.

From being a wholesaler of hardware supplies in 2010 to opening a brick-and-mortar store in 2016, Buildmate developed their business from being a B2B to include B2C operations. Further market development happened when they widened their availability to nationwide status by expanding into the e-commerce space.

The store already hosts a full range of quality hardware brands such as Bosch, Makita, INGCO, Zekoki, Lotus, Ken, Powerhouse Creston, MPT, MailTank Stanley, Panclub, Mega, Sugi Japan, Armstrong, Omni, Fujima, Hoyoma Japan, Oxford England Technology, Hoteche, DCA, SGC Sanitary Ware, Adelino, Proman and Yale. In spite of this impressive roster, Buildmate continues their efforts to give customers access to even more brands. This is true to their characteristic of always finding room to grow, as their dedication to learning is evident in their active participation in Lazada University’s learning sessions.

Buildmate received its top award in Home and Living Category in the 2020 Lazada Awards Winning Circle for maximizing its store engagement in Lazada, making the best use of Livestreaming, Vouchers, Free Shipping and even new introductions such as Sponsored Search. Lazada welcomes Buildmate as a Hall of Fame awardee in the General Merchandising segment and looks forward to seeing the company continue its steady path to even more success.

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