In 2012, Mark Casquero started convincing his music-inclined friends to get the instruments he thought suited them best. Pretty soon, Mr. GuitarPusher himself made it his business to do the same for customers. With nine years of experience in brick-and-mortar operations, Guitar Pusher started offering their products on Lazada with the aim of making the same quality service available to the customers on the e-commerce platform in 2016.

From having their own detailed website to setting up their Lazada store, Guitar Pusher is taking their online presence to the next level by introducing their wide variety of musical instruments and accessories to customers at every price point. Mark made brands he himself used to have difficulty acquiring, readily available to other music lovers like him.

Starting with local and China-sourced guitars, it has now expanded dramatically to include various guitar brands from UK, USA, Brazil, Canada, Germany, and many others.

Surpassing the target growth of the musical instruments category, GuitarPusher actively participates in campaigns and is always one of the top sellers in recent double digit campaigns. It consistently adopts promo tools with a high order share of 57%. It has also achieved a seller rating of 99% and in recent months, has activated all available promo levers such as Lazada Sponsored Solutions and Free Shipping Max.

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Founded in 2010, Crescendo offers a versatile musical instruments line ranging from the most basic to high-end models. It has an exclusive distributorship deal for brands such as Casio Keyboards and Digital Pianos, Gibson Guitars, and Epiphone Guitars, among others.

Crescendo carries superior quality brands from a tradition of excellence, meticulous care, and collaborative efforts of instrument makers abroad. It brings the chance to learn an instrument or rekindle an old passion for music during these uncertain times.

Top-selling instruments from Crescendo include Casio 61 Keys Slim Keyboard, Epiphone Les Paul Special VE Electric Guitar, Casio 44 Mini Keyboard and Epiphone PRO-1 Classic Acoustic Guitar.

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Music-PH offers affordable musical instruments, parts and accessories that best suit customers’ budget and requirement. With the demand for musical instruments and accessories brought by the confinement of many people inside their homes and looking for past times or rekindling love for music, Music-PH was able to find its rhythm in the pandemic, by encouraging people to own their talents and start their musical journey with excellent musical instruments.

Music-PH has a variety of instruments and accessories from keyboards, piano, guitar, woodwind, bass and amplifiers to synthesizers. Today, the store has 38K followers and might proud of its engagement efforts with 96% Positive Seller Rating and 100% Chat Response Rate.

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Learning is Fun aims to promote reading as a fun-filled entertainment for you and your young learners. You can find a wide selection of children’s story and activity books from this online book shop and discover the joy of reading and opening a whole new world of imagination.

Learning is Fun advocates on reading books with kids amount of time doubled during lockdowns and social restrictions. A significant increase in demand for Children’s Books that include Early Learning, Inspirational, Reference, Story Books, Activity and Coloring Books, and Puzzle Books, proved that these genre proved particularly attractive to young learners today.

With this spike of demand for books, Learning is Fun has increased its number of followers to over 20k, and maintained 98% Positive Seller Ratings with 99% Ship Rate and 94% Chat Response Rate.

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Fully Booked opened its first bookstore branch in Rockwell in 2003 and has grown to 30 stores nationwide. It is known for its extensive book selection in different genres and its signature calming ambiance, which instantly made the book shop a perfect haven for bibliophiles of all ages.

Fully Booked is a local store with world-class titles that offer quirky collectibles to suit the lifestyle of its readers. Aside from books, the store offers premium stationery, arts and crafts, novelty notebooks, and retro vinyl records.

With people stuck at home in these unprecedented times and need of distraction and escape, books suddenly feel more vital than ever. Customers can now browse for their next read from the official Fully Booked Store in Lazada. It is now your virtual shelf for Latest Releases, Best Sellers, Flexi Bundles and even Staff Picks.

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