USJE Trading built its dream in a small warehouse in Manila six years ago. With only a handful of hardworking and compassionate employees doing the sorting, packing, and quality control, the work was never-ending, but so was the fulfillment.

This bond among the employees who refers to their team as their small family would later propel USJE to become one of the most popular home furnishing stores on Lazada, expanding its operations into one of the biggest warehouses in Bulacan.

The USJE family keeps growing. From only having nine employees, they are now 31 strong, ensuring the same quality of service as Lazada’s tools and services effectively take care of the creative and promotional aspects of their operation.

USJE, an avid used of Lazada tools, takes advantage of consumer engagement tools as Flash Sales, Lowest Price Guaranteed and regular and Mega Campaigns. The shop currently has 96% seller rating with virtually no no cancellation rate at 0.02%, and Zero non-compliance points! Now, THAT’S customer-centric operation right there.

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Locaupin is a Malaysian home and living online store adapted to the Philippines by Chinese businessman Xinde Shi in June 2019. The brand started as a trial project and eventually became the country’s newest online-based high-quality household products supplier of functional aesthetic minimalist home pieces.

The widespread lockdowns have forced people to work from home and the extra time spent here compelled them to do home improvement and interior decorating. This practice has sparked demand in traditional and modern home pieces.

Locaupin has various categories from storage bins and baskets, food storage and dispensers, kitchen organizers, kitchen canisters and jars, pots and planters, sweepers and trash bins, and tissue holders.

Check out Locaupin Lazada store here.

E & E Home Décor & Furnishing Inc. started in early 2015 and created the brand “Socone”. Socone offers household items and products that help people simplify and beautify their living space.

Today Socone serves thousands of Filipinos to improve their lifestyle with its top quality and premium design products at affordable prices from curtains, bedsheets, rugs, curtain rods, pillows, doormats, pillowcases, blankets to table cloth linens.

With over 150k followers, Socone maintained its 97% Positive Seller Ratings with a 99% Ship Rate and 100% Chat Response Rate. A strong brand in its category dedicated to quality and service, Socone now expands its business even more through its resellers program, providing a new opportunity for Filipinos for entrepreneurship and online selling.

Check out Socone Lazada store here.

Greatness Trading Corporation started its e-commerce business in 2015 as a small retailer and wholesaler of various household items. Known as D&D store in Lazada, the company saw the opportunities and tools of digital business that could immediately boost their sales and lead to more orders, product ideas, and profits.

D&D aims to provide a great shopping experience to its customer by offering a multitude of goods for their convenience. D&D’s top-selling household items include kitchen organizers, bedside tables, bookcases and shelves, shoe organizers, and home office desks.

Its Lazada shop garners high customer service scores with 97% Shipped on Time and Chat Response Rate.

Check out D&D Lazada store here.

Touted as a one-stop online shop with extensive assortment, Movall carries space-saving kitchen organizers, pots and pans, dinner wares, lighting fixtures, and even cars and power tools accessories.

With a lot of Filipinos now exploring DIY home improvements, cooking or baking as a new hobby during the quarantine, or as a skill their online business, Movall is the perfect go-to destination for their vast collection of as-seen-on-social-media items every day at low prices, on a convenient platform, and delivered fast to doorsteps nationwide.

Movall offers regular Flash Sales and best discount offers, maintaining 97% Positive Seller Ratings with 98% Chat Response Rate and 97% Ship Time.

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