Bench ventured into e-commerce as early as 2000s. Unfortunately, Filipinos weren’t primed up for online shopping then. Several years later, Bench opened a shop in Lazada in 2016 then it’s a whole new horizon altogether.

Bench is as synonymous as fashionable RTW of this generation. It started in 1987 with the iconic minimalist bench print on men shirt and grew at an unparalleled rate. From men’s apparel, Bench has expanded to a ladies’ line, underwear, fragrances, houseware, snacks, and the whole lifestyle empire.

To fully realize the potential of online retail, the company set up a new team that will steer them to innovative ideas and a fresh mindset. Amid and after the pandemic, Bench sees the relevance of both traditional brick-and-mortar stores and digital marketplaces in delivering the needs of Filipino consumers.

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Penshoppe is the leading international casual wear brand by GOLDEN ABC, Inc. (GABC). The brand approaches fashion with on-trend, affordable, and quality merchandise, easily establishing itself as everyone’s go-to brand for fashion pieces that allow them to express themselves and complement their lifestyle, too. The brand is also known for being worn by some of the world’s top models and biggest celebrities the likes of Mandy Moore, Zac Efron, One Direction, and Bella Hadid.

In 2019, Penshoppe was awarded as the RETAILER OF THE YEAR at the 21st Outstanding Filipino Retailers Awards. Penshoppe offers a wide array of a curated selection of versatile pieces–Dress Code Collection, THE CREW Collection, Feel Good Collection, Into the Beat, Logo Play, The Conscious Generation, Everywear Collection and Wellness & Protection Collection. With a modern vision to break barriers in the fashion scene, Penshoppe takes the stand as the authority on everyday fashion.

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Converse Inc., the global shoe brand that Chucks built, is an American brand that’s timeless and as ubiquitous as a pair of jeans. Established in 1908, Converse has an illustrious history and for over half a century dominated the American athletic shoe market and was known as “America’s Original Sports Company.”

In 2003, Converse became a subsidiary of Nike and underwent expansion and re-invention. Converse is a socially-progressive and highly inventive footwear and apparel brand for and powered by All-Stars, a global community of emerging creatives who champion progress in sport and culture.

Today, it is well-known for its legendary sneakers such as Chuck Taylor All Star, the Pro Leather, the One Star and Jack Purcell. It offers a diverse portfolio including lifestyle men’s, women’s and children’s footwear, apparel and accessories.

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Founded by the Angs, a married couple, Jeiky Jeans started as a denim jeans supplier for companies like FUBU and UNITOP. But when their son Jaiky noticed the growing trend in e-commerce, he started doing business online which eventually led him to sell on Lazada, focusing on the shoes category. Because of Lazada’s hassle-free transactions and easy shopping experience to customers, his business grew rapidly.

With a dedicated team and the help of account managers who shared their knowledge and insights on category trends, Jeiky Jeans keeps on growing and continues to deliver high quality products but at a very affordable price.

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Inspi Philippine Venture Merchandise Corporation is a retail company that markets several brands that constantly inspire and give positive outlook in life to its customers. The founder admired Japanese values and culture so much in which it became the company’s strong foundation. Inspi Philippine Venture Merchandise Corporation now stands with the values of positivity, politeness, cleanliness, honor, hardwork, and being respectful to different cultures.

One of its brands is INSPI in which it offers clothing products that brings happiness, positivity, and inspiration through its designs. It started online when digital marketing and e-commerce were already slowly capturing the consumer market for the past years. INSPI grabbed this opportunity by integrating the shopping functionality of its online store to its content display on social media and has inspired and converted its “audience or followers” to being its “customers.”

INSPI has a complete clothing line from newborn to adult that has a wide array of collections from fun, playful, trendy, and inspirational shirts that fits all ages. One of its best-selling items are the bible verses and oversized shirts, which is currently trending and a “must-have” of every online enthusiast such as influencers, streamers, youtubers, tiktokers, and the like. INSPI received its top award in Men’s Fashion in the 2020 Lazada Awards Winning Circle for maximizing its store engagement, making the best use of Vouchers, Free Shipping, Instant Messaging and Lazada Sponsored Solutions.

Thus, INSPI is continuously designing, improving, and offering its quality and best valued products to meet the lifestyle needs of the market in order to bring out the personality of each individual. It has been aggressive in sharing its motivational graphics and speaking words of encouragement that sets off a chain of reaction to others. A unique, innovative, and quality clothing brand to add happiness and inspiration in its customers’ everyday style.