Dyson invests billions of dollars in research and development to ensure 100% quality in solving problems of its users. With this, Dyson ends up bringing more value to consumers in the long run.

Dyson, which joined Lazada in 2018, has since used the platform to showcase their products’ technology to the Philippine market. As the company’s sales tag goes, “Where we demo, we win.”

Dyson has tapped the e-commerce platform’s Fulfilled by Lazada to solve the challenge of quick delivery of products to their customers — a move that has proven pivotal, especially during the pandemic.

Dyson has met its local goals of raising awareness and reaching more Filipino consumers by participating consistently in Lazada’s mega campaigns and using different promo tools including Sponsored Discovery, Customer Experience Management or CEM, Fulfilled by Lazada or FBL, and LazLive.

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Philips, a global company that delivers meaningful innovations design to improve people’s health and well-being, brings human-centered innovation to the technologies people rely on for healthcare and healthy living.

Philips LazMall Flagship Store offers its award-winning home appliances with worldwide warranty for all electrical products and are offered at exclusive online deal plus exciting voucher discounts. Popular brand lines are the following: Philips Digital Air Fryer, Philips Classic Dry Iron, Philips Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker, and Philips Daily Collection Blender.

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Astron, a local home appliance brand, has been providing Filipinos with quality and affordable appliances since 2008. With over 150+ Philippine Standard or PS-certified products, Astron strives to provide #MuraNaMaaasahanPa electrical appliances.

Astron continues to develop quality and affordable appliances and provide services through its 100-plus service centers nationwide to establish itself as a reliable local brand that Filipinos can count on.

From electric fans to flat irons to audio equipment, Astron has expanded its line to include washing machine and air conditioners

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From its humble beginnings in 1988, Kyowa, which means “today” or “new day” in Japanese, started out as plastic manufacturer of rice dispensers, which it introduced in the local market and popularized to become a kitchen staple.

It has since expanded its product line to other kitchen appliances as coffee machines, oven toasters, and rice cookers. The brand continues to be treasured by Filipino families across generations because of its every growing product that gets better and more elegant through the years.

Today, Kyowa now offers impressive line of modern appliances such as air fryer oven, multi-cooker, air purifier, breakfast maker, electric griller, slow cooker, and a whole lot more.

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EXATECH Inc., introduced the Fujidenzo brand in 2005, following local consumer’s growing needs of quality appliances for home and commercial use.

Today, Fujidenzo has become the top choice for quality appliances among households and businesses as the brand continuously delivers reliable appliances that are built to last.

Fujidenzo offers quality and energy-efficient home appliances for laundry, refrigeration, kitchen appliances and air solution with the widest selection of innovative freezers and chillers for businesses.

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