Tiny Buds started its business at a time when there were not a lot of natural options available for babies. The brand started from a small seed – a tiny bud with one employee – and now it has blossomed into a reputable brand that offers a natural, fun, convenient, and accessible collection of baby products for the discerning parents. Moms are proud to say that their little blessings are “laking Tiny Buds”, a “Tiny Buds baby” or “Tiny Buds from Day 1”. 

Tiny Buds’ Lazada story started with a phone call that served as a wake-up call to the world of opportunity the platform has to offer. Since then, Tiny Buds has constantly been among the early adaptors of many tools. In fact, it was among the first to try livestreaming in the Philippines with the help of Lazada. More importantly, among its biggest lessons as a Lazada seller is the value of adaptability and flexibility – a necessity to ride all the quick changes in the platform and industry in order to cater to the evolving lifestyle of its growing clientele.   

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Uni-Care Hygienic Products is a manufacturing and distributing firm that produced a variety of paper-based and household products, founded on August 18, 2003. It carries the brand Uni-Care, Uni-Care Life, Uni-Love, Tender Love, ExTra Clean, hers, Force Shield with Pet Pals and Ichiban.
Uni-Care specializes in Adult Care, Bath Care and Personal Care Products that made to ensure your well-being is being cared of all the time. The brand delivers affordable price and quality products, driven to ensure high standard quality products and services at a competitive price to meet customer needs.
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Unicharm commenced business as a manufacturer of feminine care products. Since then, the company has been industry leaders and pioneers, developing numerous unique technologies and products. Relying on the processing and forming technologies for non-woven fabrics and absorbent materials developed for their feminine care products, Unicharm have expanded its businesses to encompass baby and child care, healthcare, household and other products.
Mamypoko is one of its brands focused to support people engaged in child rearing, nursing care and housework. With the official Mamypoko LazMall FlagShip Store, buying premium baby diapers is now made more convenient. Because Mamypoko believes that this convenience gives you and your baby more time to bond and play together. And even if you are located in the far away regions of North Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, you can now easily buy MamyPoko diapers for your little ones.
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Mead Johnson, as part of Reckitt’s Nutrition portfolio, aims to deliver innovative solutions for healthier lives and happier homes by supporting consumers across all of life’s stages.
Bringing Lactum, as a brand trusted by mothers for over 30 years now, champions All-Around Development to help give your child 100% nourishment so he can be Ibang Level BIBo Kid with developed Brain, Immunity, and Bones now with 5x higher DHA level versus previous formulation and together with proper nutrition and stimulation.
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Mighty Baby is a one-stop-shop for all your baby and motherhood needs. Mighty Baby is an exclusive distributor of multiple international brands in the Philippines: i-Angel Hipseat Carriers, Ecomom UV Sterilizers, Plibe Plasma Air Sterilizer, Naturebond Breastfeeding Essentials, Wellis Air and Surface Disinfection Purifier, Vray Portable UV Sterilizer, Airtory Portable Purifier, MEO Air Face Masks, Bebesia Showerhead Filters.
Mighty Baby ensures high-quality items and customer satisfaction by carefully curating products that will not only cater to everyday baby and mommy essentials but also innovative items that will develop the relationship among parent, child, the whole family, and the community.
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